Harry Seymour – “The Inkwell”

Harry Seymour – “The Inkwell”

“Black as ink”

A simile just right

Yet as a metaphor,

“Inkwell” takes flight

More than a beach

On the Vineyard’s shore

This enduring icon

Transcends ocean waves

Under sun’s warm embrace

With a storied past

Of disputed origin

Rooted in historical fact

With a richly endowed culture

Unforgettably Black

As if each grain of sand

Has a generational tale

Of Black bodies fused

In a legacy that remains

A place of congeniality

And the familial bond

Forged on communal ground

That has stood the test of time

Like a true landmark to

Ocean, sand, sun, and fun

For all to pursue

Entwined in its name

Far more than metaphor

Is its claim to fame