Courage: A Play Based on the Life of “Peter Pan” Author J. M. Barrie
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Courage: A Play Based on the Life of “Peter Pan” Author J. M. Barrie

June 14 & 15, 2024

Courage: A Play Based on the Life of “Peter Pan” Author J. M. Barrie

“To be born is to be wrecked on an island.”

So said J.M. Barrie, the most successful English-language playwright of his time. In Courage, John Pielmeier tells the story of Barrie’s remarkable life in Barrie’s own words – from his relationship with his too-possessive mother through his friendship with the five boys who inspired his most famous play. Alternately humorous and heart-breaking, the author of Peter Pan reveals his own secret self by telling the stories of all the heroes he knew in his own life—the men and women he loved, the men and women he tragically lost.

JOHN LEONARD PIELMEIER began his career as an actor and then shifted to writing with the play and movie Agnes of God, followed by three more plays on Broadway and over twenty-five produced television movies and miniseries. His adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist is New York-bound, and his adaptation of his own novel Hook’s Tale—the Peter Pan story told from Hook’s point-of-view—premiered in Houston. He has received the Humanitas, Edgar, Camie, and Christopher Awards, five Writers’ Guild Award nominations, and his projects have been nominated for the Emmy and Golden Globe. Please visit his website:

“Anyone looking for a literate, funny and sometimes sad story wonderfully performed should tune in ‘Courage’ tonight…”
The Courier-Journal

“…a charming and often moving play…. What a monodrama especially needs is a fine actor and rich language that can hold up on its own. In ‘Courage,’ it gets both.”
The New York Times

“Pielmeier’s concise and moving portrayal…keeps ‘Courage’ from being merely a tasteful eulogy to youthful innocence. We’re left with a deep impression of a man who defended childhood’s spirit, while around him the world was turning old and gray.”
The Detroit News

“…a moving play and a masterful performance…”
Dave Nicolette

“A one-man play seems to occupy no middle ground – it’s bound inevitably to be either a miserable failure or a glorious success. I am happy to say that …‘Courage’ falls into the latter category. … Pielmeier has given life – not only to the character of James M. Barrie, but also in the large life-affirming sense that is common to all art. He has created a presence. From the details of life arises a great poetry…and the courage to go on living.”
The Muskegon Chronicle