Crumbs from the Table of Joy – Audience Comments

Crumbs from the Table of Joy – Audience Comments

Crumbs from the Table of Joy – Audience Comments

The following are unedited comments from audience members who responded to our post-show survey:

“It felt so real. The actors made it seem not acting, but living. For a black woman who grew up in that period, who “knew” those people, it wasLawrence Evans and Danielle Hopkins-Caption a thrilling evening in the theater. Thank you somuch for doing it. I plan to return several more times, for I know each repetition allows one to see more and more into the play. Early in the play I thought of August Wilson. Early in the play I thought of “Black lives matter.” Yes, sprinkled into life, no matter how little or how poor are crumbs of joy and the crumbs are sweet.”

“The performance was excellent – each character was wonderful.”

“Loved it!”

“Very well acted. Relevant topic. Some great lines. Written about a past era but applicable today. In some ways shows how far we as a society have come in other ways show how far we must jump forward.”

Abigail Rose Solomon, Lawrence Evans, Danielle Hopkins-Caption“I enjoyed the play (writing), acting, staging. Thought it was a unique look back to a different time at an issue that is no less compelling today.”

“Professional theater and locals also”

“Great play. Great acting.”

“Great ensemble performance! Wonderfully directed! Thank you for a memorable evening!”

“Very though provoking presentation with exceptional actors.”


“A wonderful production. And a big plus to witness a talented young Vineyarder in a key role!”

“We loved the show! Living in New Jersey, we both remembered Fr. Divine’s name & reputation as we were growing up. So, we really appreciated a trip down memory lane. We have never been disappointed with any of the shows at the playhouse. Keep up the good work!!”

“I loved it! Had some history but it was funny at the same time. The actor and actresses did a wonderful job.”Nikki E. Walker & Dria Brown-Caption

“Excellent, emotionally balanced ensemble. Each actor created a presence that grew during the journey of the play.”

“It was one of the most moving and touching performances we have seen. The actors in the play were just outstanding.”

“Was a terrific performance, content thought provoking, humorous, revealing, insightful, acting superb, set perfect!! Obviously directing excellent!! Talked guests into coming this evening. So word will certainly be spread of how terrific this production was. I’d love to view more plays by this outstanding playwright.!!! Thanks for permission to comment!”