Professional Nonprofit Theater on Martha's Vineyard
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24 Church Street, Box 2452, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568 | 508-696-6300
Exhibit up through Thursday April 4 at 5 pm

Sean Roach


Artist Statement
I love to paint from life. Sometimes I’ll find a location when I’m out exploring, or I’ll set up some objects in my studio that have meaning to me. I look for bright light, vibrant colors, and strong contrast. But ultimately when I paint I’m trying to replicate a feeling I have, it’s less about creating representation or realism. I connect with a sensation, the sensation of not doubting what I’m doing, of being truly present. When I get out of my own way, and my racing mind is at peace I know it’s going well. Some of my paintings have people in them to tell a story, or spark conversation, in others I use objects to communicate a feeling. In the end, I hope my artwork shares the sense of beauty and awe that I have for the world around me.

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